Residential Guide to Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

Residential HVAC UnitsDuring summer, you rely on your air conditioning system to deliver the exact temperature comfort you desire. If you don’t take care of your air conditioning unit properly, it can lead to a host of expensive repairs and harm your health. Knowing how to maintain your unit is vitally important. Here is everything you need to know about home air conditioning maintenance.

Reasons to Perform Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

Home air conditioning maintenance can help prevent many of the issues that can cause your unit to break down. Trapped dirt and debris can take a toll on your system over time. Regular maintenance can improve the air quality in your home by eliminating mold, pollen and insect droppings from traveling through the ducts. These things may lead to respiratory illnesses for you and your family.

Professional Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

To keep your air conditioning system in optimal condition, professional maintenance should be scheduled on a regular basis. An HVAC technician can change the filter and vacuum the ducts to improve air flow. Wiring will also be inspected for any signs of wear or overheating. During the maintenance visit, the pipe insulation will be checked for tears and the condensate drain checked for clogs. The technician will also clean the outside compressor and condenser coils and straighten any bent fins.

Home Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Contracts

Many HVAC companies offer contracts that bundle furnace and home air conditioning maintenance service together. You can receive priority attention during an emergency without incurring additional costs. Our contracts include lifetime warranty on repairs, no overtime charges and priority status. You can receive a 10% discount on indoor air quality products and 15% discount on repairs. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your air conditioning unit is kept running in top condition by our expert technicians.

Schedule a Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance Tune-up

Regular home air conditioning maintenance will keep your unit in optimal condition. Don’t run the risk of being stuck in the house during the summer heat without air conditioning. Schedule a professional air conditioning maintenance tune-up with our HVAC specialists today.

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