Pay Attention: Sounds You Never Want to Hear From Your AC

With August here and the heat index reaching the high 90s every day, having a working air conditioning unit is a must in Georgia. As your AC works almost non-stop during these last two months of summer, you may start noticing that your air conditioning unit is working harder than usual. It is essential to pay attention to any changes that you hear in your AC. If your AC is making any of these noises, you should contact a HVAC company for air conditioning repair services.


Your AC unit will make a noise as the fan is running, but if you notice a humming noise coming from your unit, don’t ignore it. While most humming sounds are typically of the benign variety, they do indicate that your unit is probably caked in dust and dirt. A simple cleaning will generally do the trick to get your AC back to working quietly.


A whistling noise typically indicates an inefficient airflow. The cause of low airflow can be from a dirty air filter, closed dampers, leaking ducts, or a breaking blower.

Clicking or Buzzing

A clicking or buzzing noise generally indicates that there is a problem with the electrical system. If you hear continuous clicking noises, this is probably from electrical signals malfunctioning. The control panel continuously tries to send signals causing switches to turn on and off. Most likely, replacing the thermostat or electrical box within your AC unit will solve a persistent clicking noise. If you hear a continual buzzing noise, that most likely indicates that electricity is sparking within the unit from a loose wire.


The sound of something banging around inside your AC unit often means that something is loose and being thrown around within the unit.

Squeaking or Squealing

Either of these sounds typically means that the motor is going bad or that the fan belt is loose. While a motor will most likely require replacement, a fan belt can be repaired or easily replaced.

If your AC unit is making unusual noises, contact a professional HVAC company.


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