It is understandable that when an HVAC professional recommends maintenance for your air conditioning system, you may be skeptical. You hear radio advertisements for maintenance services and see ads in your local coupon flyer, and they are easy to dismiss. Unless something is wrong with your cooling system, it is easy to ignore. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right?

In all honesty, just like your car needs regular maintenance for oil changes, new tires, and tune-ups, routine HVAC maintenance is vital for your system. Not only does regular maintenance ensure that your system is running correctly, but it also helps prevent major issues from disrupting your system’s performance.

What Does Maintenance Do?

If you have never scheduled maintenance for your HVAC system, you are probably asking what will be done. Maintenance consists of a professional technician coming out to your property, examining your HVAC system, and thoroughly cleaning the interior components of your unit(s) to ensure that it can operate as efficiently as possible. Through the inspection, your system will be checked for any parts that need adjustment, repair, or replacement.  

When Should Maintenance be Scheduled?

Georgia has some crazy weather. Just this year, we have seen temperatures in the teens and have already experienced close to 80-degree afternoons – and it’s only mid-March. Summers get hot here, and you definitely want your AC working before you need it. The best time to schedule HVAC maintenance is before you need your system the most. Because we live in a climate that can stress our cooling systems, you want to be prepared early. Now is the perfect time to schedule maintenance to ensure that your family will be comfortable.

As a trusted name for HVAC services, weare  here to provide comprehensive services for your HVAC system. Maintenance serves to improve the longevity and performance of your air conditioning and heating system. Contact us today.