A Poor Performing A/C May be Caused by Dirty Air Ducts

Right now, in the middle of Georgia's summer heat, you do not want to be without an effective air conditioning unit. With temperatures reaching the 90s in mid-July, keeping your home or office at a comfortable temperature is a must. Yet, what many people do not understand is how their air ducting system affects their entire A/C unit's efficiency.

The air ducting inside your home allows air to travel throughout all rooms and cool or heat your home throughout the year. As the air ducting system pulls air in and then allows the air to move, excessive buildup of dirt and debris can occur. This buildup in the ductwork can interfere with the overall performance of both air conditioning and heating systems. Yet, even those who are meticulous about cleaning their homes often neglect their air ducts because they are hidden from view and not often thought about.

Air travels through the air ducts, and if the ducts are dirty, friction slows down the flow of the air. Dirty ductwork can cause you to pay more for heating and air conditioning than is necessary. That means that not only are you dealing with uncomfortable temperatures in the heat of a Georgia summer, but you are also paying more not to be as cool as you'd like. If you find that you are experiencing night sweats that have nothing to do with getting older, your children are complaining about being hot, or your house just feels uncomfortable – it is time to give a professional HVAC company a call.

Our licensed HVAC company provides air duct cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. We are here to maximize the efficiency of your cooling system so you can stay cool this summer. Our company employs a team of professional air conditioning technicians who have been highly trained and are experts in HVAC services.

Don't waste any more money running an air conditioning system that is not cooling you down. Contact our air duct cleaning specialists to schedule a cleaning today.


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